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"So I had the pleasure of working with Erika from Tiny Star Couture. I must say to begin with this being my first product review I was very pleased with the entire process and how easy it was. Erika was great to work with. She was very professional, fun, and quick with her responses. I got to choose one of her handmade clippies or headband! I chose The Jocelyn! When I received it I was very pleased. The packaging was well intact and the bow was in a pretty purple bag. I also received a hand written note from Erika and a few of her cards...which I've already passed out to family and friends that gave me comments as my daughter wore it! I was very pleased with how good the bow was put onto the headband. My daughter being 10 months old loves to pull on them and sometimes if they are not on securely they come off!! I must say that this headband stayed put together very very well after my daughter had her way with it. After Aisy decided she was done with it I stuck it on my head and without thinking about it went into a couple stores and all that fun stuff! :P Before I knew it even I was getting compliments on how great it looked on me!!! So ladies if you dont have a little girl go ahead and search for yourself! I guess in all I must say that this has definitely gotten my seal! :P I really enjoyed the product. It was in great condition, held together great during a 10 month old baby girls adventures, and even made Mommy look good!! This comes Highly recommended by me!! Tiny Star Couture is a great place to make your baby girl look like a princess! :)" Be sure to visit this blogger to see the adorable pictures she took!

"Little girls rock! I know… I just got rocks thrown at me from Mom’s of little boys. Think about it though… dresses, pretty shoes, long hair and best of all… decorations of the long hair! That being said… I love hair ties, bows and clips. Matching shoes and the dress of course! In fact, when I was dressing up my girls for Grady's birthday party this weekend… I had to get the dress that matched the hair clips I got from Tiny Star Couture. These things are adorable, high end fabrics, cute designs and the flowers and puppy dog that were on the ones I got were so soft and sturdy. How do I know they are sturdy? Because LaLa kept trying to eat hers, She’s a monster. I think all little girls should have original pieces, not something you can find at the corner store or off the grocery store shelves. Anything that causes a stranger to walk by and say, “Where did you get those?” or “How pretty is that? Do you know of any little girls that would like these? How about a matching cape or knitted hat? TSC has other items that can fill out a little girl’s wardrobe with style and originality."

"I am raising girly girls. Yes, I am! They like hairbows, headbands, purses, shoes, etc. They are four and two. Crazy isn’t it? I better find a second job now to pay for their teenage clothing years. Tiny Star Couture came to the rescue lately by sending me a few items to try out. The moment that the package was opened, I never saw the headband or hair clip again if it wasn’t in the hair of one of my girls. The four year old instantly claimed The Emma as her own. She doesn’t share it either. She also doesn’t care if it matches as she has worn it pretty much four or five days per week. The Emma is wonderful. There are three crocheted flowers on a stretchy headband. This looks great on my daughter and the various colors really go great with many of my daughter’s outfits. The two year old has a new love. It is called The Clair. She wears it in various poses on her somewhat bald head and always looks adorable. I am not just saying this because she is my own kid either. She is stinkin’ cute. She looks even cuter with The Clair on her too."

Mommymandy/ "My little Sarah is absolutely in love with Tiny Star Couture! She received the cutest princess cape called The Princess Caroline thanks to Mom Fuse . This cape is reversable and any little girl will feel like a real princess in it. Sarah literally wears the cape day and night and I have a hard time taking it off of her. She is running around so fast that I have not been able to take a picture of her in the beautiful cape."

"Check out this gorgeous headband Emma got from Tiny Star Couture. This one is called the Layla. She was working it for the camera, working it so hard that most of the shots were blurry. She has the poses down to a mastered skill…it’s just the pause she forgets! She’ll get it soon! Anyhow, this headband is functional! I like functional. I have gotten the girls so many pretty things but when it comes to function, they usually fail. This headband PASSED with flying colors. It actually stayed in place on her, which is a task. The kid is wild! It did not slip even once! They come in both Infant and Toddler sizes. Tiny Star Couture has pretty much anything girlie you would need for your daughter. They have headbands, clippies, jewelery, hats and princess wear. You’re sure to find something you love at this shop! The tutu’s are so pretty! They are decorated with small pink ribbon flowers floating along the front and back of the tutu. The ribbon flowers are hand sewn on to the tutu."

"I love having a little girl and one of the best parts of having a little girl is definitely dressing her up in super cute stuff! I was so excited when I opened the package from Tiny Star Couture. They had sent me adorable hair clippies and THE cutest little hat I have EVER seen! Allow me to present Olivia modelling the Jasmine hat... She just loves taking it off and looking at the beautiful flower clip and then putting the hat back on again...The flower clippie is removable and looks adorable on its own in Olivia's sweet curls as well. Olivia also thinks it looks nice in my hair, and daddy's hair, and her brother's hair too- even if they don't agree :)Both the hat and the clippies are very well made. The clippies stay in Olivia's hair very nicely and when she decides to grab them and pull them out of her hair only the clip comes out- the hair stays nicely put on her head where it belongs! I just hate it when she yanks out other types of clips and there is little bits of Olivia hair trapped inside... it took her two years to get hair and we don't need to be ripping it out of her head!The Tiny Star Couture hair clippies come in all sorts of colours and styles to suit your little princess. And just to complete the ensemble Tiny Star Couture has adorable Princess capes and Tutus! I definitely recommend Tiny Star Couture!"

My Four Monkeys "I love little girl hair clips! For a mom like me that lacks talent in hairstyling, hair clips and clippies are the ultimate coverup for a bad hairdo! :D All you have to do is clip on a fabulous bow, and ..... TaDah! All is glamorous and your daughter looks fantastic! I ran across Tiny Star Couture (listed at Mom Made That!), and knew that you had to see these products. Erika at Tiny Star Couture generously gave us the opportunity to review their Kayla beanie. Expertly handcrafted, this beanie looked fantastic on my daughter! It wasn't thin and delicate, it was thick and durable. Now, I'm not about to let her go romping around in the backyard with it on, but only because it's so cute that I couldn't bear to see it dirty. The ribbon detail is sewn in to prevent slipping. My 6 year old, Kylie, loves this hat and wants to wear it all the time. The sizes for the beanies say fits 1-8 year olds, but I would say that the sizing is a tad small. My 6 year old could wear it, but my eight year old wasn't close. Maybe my girls have big heads!:) If that's the case, we all know where they got those from.... Tiny Star Couture has the cutest accessories for your little princess. Be sure and check out their limited edition clips. Their Limited Edition Elephant Clip looks like a great birthday gift for my niece."

"My daughter has crazy hair that runs on the thin side and tends to stick up all over the place. So when I stumbled upon the best site ever the other day, Tiny Star Couture, I was elated. Even more so when I found out they were looking for reviewers! I spoke with Erika and she sent me the most adorable purple Lillian hat. The presentation of this product upon delivery was super nice. It comes in this cute purple mesh bag, which my daughter promptly turned into a purse to tote her Hot Wheelz around in. The hat is a soft crochet and can easily fit any head size (their website says their hats fit girls from 1-8 years old). The bow is hand sewn and glued to a clip that can be removed from the hat, depending on my two year old temperament. The hat is perfect for days when I don't want to wrangle with Roo to put her hair into ponytails. I can just slap the hat on her head and she's the cutest girl on the block. What I loved most was how girlie the hat was and how everything on their site is geared towards the girl (okay Mom) that loves to accessorizes."

The Dirty Shirt Product Review

"I recently got the chance to review one of the Tiny Star Couture products, the Isabella Headband (shown above). I choose the pink one because my toddler loves her pink things, and loves flowers even more. This headband was the perfect fit for her. The Isabella is a bright pink crochet headband with light pink, white and blue crochet flowers arranged in a bunch. Stretchy and soft, these headbands are perfect for girls or babies of any age. Flowers are hand sewn on. Headband is 1 1/2 inches wide. This headband is made to last and it is absolutely lovely on my daughter. Tiny Star Couture offers so much more than headbands too. They have Hair Clippies, Hats, Princess Wear, Personalized Jewelry and Onesies as well. Perfect place to go for a special gift for yourself or a friend. Check them out today!" Jennifer

Raising Peanuts Product Review

"Oh, the fun of having a girl!! I get to have sweet little girlie things in the house, like hair bows!! So I was geeked when MomFuse asked me to review a hair clippie from Tiny Star Couture. They sent me the "Audrey". (really impressed having her pic taken :-) But the clip is easy to use and doesn't just fall out. It's made with a sturdy metal clip covered in ribbon (ours has velvet ribbon) so the metal doesn't show. Plus, it's super cute! The two little flowers are well put together and the detail is great. I can't wait till the little babe's hair gets long enough to really use it. Tiny Star Couture also sells lots of other cute stuff for girls! I love their hats, they're super cute crocheted hats with either bows or flowers on them. They also have headbands and tutus as well. Such a fun girlie store!!"