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baby hair clips for every month
A Year of Clips
A Year of Clips
Item#: CGS01
$48.00, 2/$72.00

Product Description
Keep your Tiny Star in style all year long! With our Year of Clips you'll receive a total of 12 Plain Jane clips, one designed for each month. Order two and you'll get a matching pair of Plain Jane clips designed for each month (and save $24.00!). Hair clips are as follows: January-pink with white snowflakes, February-white with red drawn hearts, March-light green with white shamrocks, April- white with pastel eggs, May-white with multi-colored cupcakes, June-bright colored stripes, July-red/white strips and blue/white dots, August-white with cherries, September-blue with red apples, October-pink with black skulls, November-white with earth colored stripes, December-red with green trees.